In addition to mounting gallery exhibitions, Jochen Hempel Gallery also runs a public billboard project -in cooperation with Markus Dressen- directly in front of the gallery as a parallel programme of experimental image and concept production.

Elizabeth Gerdeman, 2020


Inga Kerber

Henriette Grahnert

Tobias Kaspar, 2017

Edgar Leciejewski, 2015

W. Staehlin, B. Bock, F. Wenzel, UP FOR GRAPS, Greece, 2014

Bastian Muhr, 2013

Franziska Holstein, 2011

Oliver Kossack, 2011

Inga Kerber, 2010

Christoph Ruckhäberle, 2010

Kristleifur Björnsson, 2010

Tobias Zielony, 2009