Yoonhee Kim

opening November 24th

Der Nabel ist größer als der Bauch
“배보다 배꼽이 더 크다”

24.11. – 22.12.2017

Der Nabel ist größer als der Bauch
Yoonhee Kim

over the past years, Yoonhee was spending time wandering
around in galleries, museums and art-institutions
looking at works of art
hanging up; standing around; laying down;
constellating exhibitions
then her eyes wandered away beyond the spotlights
from reflections on varnished frames
over the most recent layer of a repeatedly
overpainted wall
to the scratches and traces left behind on the floor
she was holding her gaze; embracing the blind spots
of the managing eye
heating systems; coat racks; emergency signs;
tangles of cables meandering between a pedestal
and a wall; the font styles of introduction texts;
constructions of glass and steel loyally supporting
the exhibits
transcending meaning to mere beauty
mocking functions and facilities; admiring forms
Yoonhee’s gaze lingered in the marginal corners of
the exhibition space

*I am the exhibition text who is supposed to introduce you to the work of Yoonhee Kim. The supposedly neural voice that provides you with the necessary handles to get around; to enter into and understand her work. A balanced out text that sketches a frame for interpretation without being too explanatory. However, I offer you the chance of approaching Yoonhee’s work in your own way; take whatever you want, and make from it whatever you desire.
*‘Der Nabel ist größer als der Bauch’ can best be translated as ‘The Bellybutton is bigger than the Belly”. The phrase is a Korean saying for a situation where a small or minor part is bigger or controlling the whole of something.

– Beatrijs Dikker

Galerie Jochen Hempel

Yoonhee Kim
*1985/South Korea
Lives and works in Berlin


Institute ‘Kunst im Kontext’, Universität der Künste, Berlin, DE

MA in Fine Art, Utrecht School of the Arts and Design Utrecht, NL

Exchange Study in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, IL

BFA in Sculpture, College of Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul, KR

Residencies and Grants

CCA Andratx Artist-in-Residence Program, Mallorca, SP

Iksan Cultural Foundation, Iksan, KR + Grant

Culturia, Berlin, DE

Solo and Two persons Exhibitions

Lights from River Flow with Paul Zürker, Zaha Museum, Seoul, KR

Asymmetry with Paul Zürker, Curated by Efrat Eemu Gal, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

One and…Poems(Solo), Curated by Julia Hartmann, Joao Cocteau, Berlin, DE

Re pulse with Elena Chronopoulou, Joao Cocteau, Berlin, DE
A Possible Scope with Joungen Huh, Frappant e.V., Hamburg, DE

Selected Group Exhibitions

This is the subject we have, Galerie Frappant, Hamburg, DE
Summer Group Show, Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin, DE
Call for Drawings, BAK, Utrecht, NL
Here, where we meet, Gallery Square, Seoul, KR

November Remember,Iksan, KR
Sketch Exhibition,W museum,Iksan, KR
Sane Saneun Me-ari,Iksan Cultural Foundation,Iksan,KR
dis.ass.em.bling, Joao Cocteau,Berlin,DE
INCÓGNITO project by CentroPontoArte, Livraria Ler Devagar, Lisbon, PT
CAUTION! MEN WORKING AHEAD, Hardware shop,Tel Aviv, IL

UNIVERSALSPRACHEN, Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin, DE

Share the Square, Academiegalerie, Utrecht, NL
Open Studio Fine Art, maHKU, Utrecht, NL

Usefool, Mu: Gallery cafe, Seoul, KR
Stranger than Christmas, Walgae dong 21, Seoul KR
4th Start 2009 Exhibition, Cube Space, Seoul KR

One of One, 30 Koresh st. Jerusalem, IL

Collaboration and Participation

KLASSENSPRACHEN (MC Baustelle), DISTRICT Kunst und Kulturförderung gGmbH, Berlin, DE

Meeting Carl Andre, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, DE

Project-Open-Art, “same,same but different”, University of Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, DE

Nominated for HKU Award 2011,HKU,Utrecht, NL
Participating ‘Read-in’ group activity by Annette Krauss and Hilde Tuinstra,Utrecht, NL
Collaboration with Kathrin Hero for maHKU Exhibition featured in Metropolis.M, NL

Master Class with Wendelien van Oldenborgh,Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL