Schirin Kretschmann – “Hack and the City”, Stadtraum Ludwigshafen

21. März – Oktober 2014

“Hack and the City”, Stadtraum Ludwigshafen

“Another Perfect Day’s third intervention creates open situational and sculptural structures, challenging various participatory positions. The artistic process aims to free elementary perceptions of space and time, which are nowadays hidden by the experience of technologized consumption and the organisation of daily life in our western society.
The new perception aims to break with pre-built assumptions and structures and to explore and to explore and create a reality through improvised actions. This is supported by the use of temporary, stable materials and skills as well as by the means of the incorporation of the ephemeral and inclusive structures of daily life. The incorporation of colour in space renders possible the experience of its temporality. Its presence serves the purpose of overlapping, dissolving and producing structures. In this sense, the relation between colour and process forms a link between aesthetic qualities and the perception of urban spaces.

Schirin Kretschmann in "Hack and the City", Stadtraum Ludwigshafen